Monday, June 16, 2014

Jammin' at the Gannett Grill

Here's a young ukulele student preparing to play her tune with the teacher.
On Friday, I went to hear some young music students give a little concert on the patio of the Gannett Grill.  What is so cool about it, is that these students are taking guitar, ukulele, and voice lessons from their teacher, and he has been providing several opportunities for them to perform.  He got together a little back-up band for the kids, and they had a grand time performing for family, friends, and those who just dropped in for food and entertainment.  As you can imagine, moms and dads were busting their buttons with pride.  I love supporting live music!!

This young man played guitar and sang several tunes very well.

This little gal plays guitar and sings beautifully.  I know her, as I gave her mom piano lessons!


  1. How fun! And maybe less scary that way?

  2. It's good for young musicians to perform for a crowd.

  3. You can tell they are all having a good time. Look at those smiles!