Thursday, June 26, 2014

Sooty flight to freedom

At first, I thought the startling noise I heard was a mouse ...  maybe in the wall?  Scratching around.  So, I tried to locate it, but every time I'd move around the house to find the spot, the noise would stop.  I could just see, in my imagination, a little mouse just creating a mess, wherever he was.  And the scratching and tinging (near a sauce pan??  in the cupboard??) continued! 

Finally, I happened to be in the right place at the right time, and realized that something was in my wood stove!  With the door closed, I couldn't see in, and I was scared to look!  I could just imagine that nasty mouse jumping out at me, since that was the image I couldn't shake from my mind.  But a mouse in the wood stove?  How would he get in there? Well, they do show up in the darnedest places!

My fear was that I would have to just wait till "it" died in there, and then I'd get it out.  But I shared my story with Kris F. last night over the phone, and she said, "I bet it's a bird. I've had to get TWO out of my fireplace this spring, and I've got a great invention for capturing it."  

A bird??  Of course!  A bird isn't nearly as icky as a mouse... so if it could be saved, that would make me feel so much better!  Kris offered to drive over immediately and check it out.  I took her up on the offer.  She did say that it could be a bat...and that wouldn't be so good; we might not want to tangle with a bat.

Between the two of us, we put a piece of chicken wire (yea for having bits and pieces of fencing around the place) in front of the opening as we opened the wood stove door.  With a flashlight we could see the bird...and boy was it fired up, flapping for freedom and stirring up a cloud of ashes in our faces. 

When we took the screen away, and Kris attempted to capture it in her basket, the bird made a desperate move for freedom and got away, flying into the room, right toward the dining room windows.  Kris shrieked!  (Expletive deleted.) It took a couple of tries, but because the bird was determined to get out the window,  Kris trapped it against the glass by covering it with the basket.  Then, we put a board between the glass and basket, and got the scared, sooty bird trapped enough to get it outside.  And away it as a missile.  It looked the size and shape of a robin, but having spent all day trying to escape the ash-filled stove, the actual coloring was indistinguishable. 

Yea for Kris' expertise and help!!  The crisis is over!


  1. aww Hooray for the bird save!!! They are so pretty but creep me out if in my house!!

  2. Would be happy to frog for you.
    Much easier to do when you are not "emotionally" involved!

  3. You'll remember that Kris is pretty good at eliminating mice, too. ;o)

  4. Glad you were able to save the bird. What a mess you must have had cleaning up all that soot.

    Bird is SO much better than bat or mouse. ;-)

  5. Hurrah for the bird savers! I'll bet it headed right for the bird bath.