Monday, August 25, 2014

A new cast-on

I started a new knitting project on circular needles...a hat...also a class I'll be offering this Fall.  Knitting a hat with a variety of scrap yarns for a color stranding pattern seemed like it may have some appeal.  Also, one can learn to knit with both hands with this pattern.  I'm excited to see what it looks like when finished, but it may take a while, as the project doesn't seem to be moving quickly.  I suppose changing yarns slows me down. 


  1. It's lovely, but then you know how much I enjoy using scraps. . .

  2. It almost looks like little hearts interspersed in there, too cute.

    I love the mix of colors, it might take longer but each stitch is worth it.

    Thank you for such kind words on your last's so nice to know that I am reaching for something that is connecting with readers.


  3. I like it! I don't wear hats, but do knit them for others – and I LOVE using up scraps!

  4. okay I'm in love. I want to knit this one too!!

  5. It may be going slow, but it's going adorable. I love those colors together.