Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Little Bunny

The little one was out with the momma about a month ago; I guess he was finally big enough to be out in the open without danger.  He (or she) sure is cute...and rather fearless.  This little bunny was determined to get to my grass for some nibbling, and I was determined he should find his way back out of the yard and graze on the field grass.  Anyway, I was talking to him, telling him how cute he was, and he just let me get closer than I would have imagined, about an arm's length away. So, I went for the camera, hoping I could get close again and snap some shots.  No problem.  This little bunny was not a bit scared; he even seemed to be at ease with the camera.  So, here's his photo shoot.

Then, I spent the next hour attempting to "bunny proof" the fenced yard. 


  1. He is just so lovely. Great photos. Great effort. A piece of a lovely morning for me..thanks!

  2. I would love to "bunny prof" my yard, but my efforts have fallen short.