Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A ride under the Ramshorn...

Another ride with 4wheeler friends took us to an area just north of Dubois.  We followed the Brent Creek Road and then the Burrough's Creek Loop.

At this stop, I asked them to line up for a photo, and this is what I got! Ha. 

Anyway, a little further up the trail is this pond under the Ramshorn. 

The next stop was at Ramshorn Lake for lunch.

Then, Rainbow Lake. Here is where we could see the results of the fire that burned through here last summer.  The new growth ( I think the name of the pink flower is Fireweed) was a beautiful bed of color, contrasted against the charcoal trees.  

We also saw Virgin Lake and Burnt Timber Lake, but I didn't stop for photos.  This turned out to be a 29 mile ride.  The road was unexpectedly rough in places because of very deep ruts formed by the heavy snows, rain, and run-off this year. It certainly was a pretty ride, and I was amazed at the amount of wildflowers still blooming this late in the summer. 


  1. There is beauty even in destruction.

    I'm always amazed how quickly the prairie recovers after a fire here in Florida. Within days the palmetto has green tips starting to show again. Nature at her most resilient.

  2. Great photos of your adventure. Wyoming is a beautiful state.

  3. I loved the pond photos!!!! all of this post s images are amazing

  4. The scenery alone would be worth it, and the 4 wheeler's make it totally fun.