Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Two bucks

No, not the monetary kind... Antelope.  These two young bucks have been casually crossing my property on a regular basis this past week. I took these photos through the window.  They are handsome animals... with interesting coloring. 
So, are ya comin', or what? You don't have to stop at every clump of grass.

Yeah, alright, I'm coming.


  1. They look pretty healthy - lots of green grass for them this year.

  2. I'll admit ... my first thought was money --- and then Two Buck Chuck wine. LOL

    Your two bucks are much more interesting. They are BEAUTIFUL. Or, I guess I should say, handsome, since they are BUCKS.

  3. My father shot and killed one of those glorious creatures in Wyoming on a hunt years ago. I wrote a poem about the stuffed antelope in high school> I have to find it. SUch amazing beautiful creatures. I could never shoot anything