Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A ride out to Pinion Ridge

The weekend opened up another opportunity for a 4-wheeler ride...this time to Pinion Ridge on top of Union Pass. We rode 37 miles, round trip.  Much of it was in beautiful timber.  The higher in altitude we climbed, the more wildflowers we saw; we especially admired the Indian Paintbrush, which was particulary vibrant.

We rode on, until finally the trail climbed a hill, a grassy slope above the timber.  Here is where the view opens up and treats you to quite a great view of Green River Lake and the Wind River Mountains as you look to the east. 

Here we are at the trail's end.  If you look over your shoulder to the west, you can see the Grand Tetons, and to the north, the Pinnacles.  It's a grand view!  A haze was moving in and out of the valley, and the sunlight was changing constantly. It was difficult to capture a good image, but we sure enjoyed the view as we ate a late lunch on top of the mountain.

Driving back down the Union Pass Road, we found a field of purple flowers. Time for a final photo shoot.  The sky was looking pretty dramatic too.


  1. Beautiful photos of some gorgeous country.

  2. Fantastic . Firman has a some rain garden flowers that are blooming purple and they are tall. A filed of them is amazing