Monday, November 17, 2014

Chain, chain, change

Like most of the areas in the country, a week ago we went from this...

to this.  And we have been enduring all those sub-zero temps.  Brrr.... The fire in the woodstove has been roaring.  

I was totally surprised to see these chuckers poking around in my yard this late in the season. 
Did they get caught unawares by the weather? 
"Did you miss your flight, boys?" 
And then, look at them;  they are round as balls!  All fluffed out...  and wearing aviator sunglasses.  Or are they wearing Zorro masks? 


  1. The chuckers stay in this area, so you'll probably see them throughout the winter that is if the hunters don't get them.

  2. They are freaking bizarre! thanks for sharing

  3. So that's a chukker. A friend went hunting in Texas and brought us back chukker. They were DELICIOUS!

    Stephen (our son) was very amused to find shot in his chukker. (We WERE warned to expect some). He still laughs about even though it was when he was a teen. LOL

    Galen gave us a bunch of chukker and one pheasant. We really enjoyed them.

  4. It didn't get that cold here, but we sure had lots of wind. Stay warm!