Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Last day of leaf-peeping tour

The last full day of our stay in New England was mostly spent in and around Portland, ME.  We were advised to head to Cape Elizabeth and see the light house there, called Portland Head Light.  This whole area had once been a fortress and military compound.  At one time rows of barracks housed soldiers and officers defending the coast.  Evidently, this lighthouse is one of the more picturesque ones in the area, and it has been photographed and featured in paintings over the decades.  The main building next to the lighthouse is now a museum, but it once housed the light keepers.  It was an appointed position, and often those appointed had absolutely no knowledge or skills for running a lighthouse; they learned quickly.
Portland Head Light
The improvements of the lamps in the lighthouse over the years were significant and impressive. 

A unique chandelier in the pizza place.

A mural on a building in Old Town Portland

Next, we found our way into Old Town Portland, walked around the cobblestone streets, shopped, had lunch at a great pizza place, and by late afternoon, got back in the car and headed to Kennebunkport by dark-thirty for dinner.

We wished we had spent more time exploring these little towns along the coast, like Kennebunkport; what a cute place!  After a seafood dinner, it was time to find the freeway and "book it" to Boston.  That's where we started the trip, and now that we had made a grand circle, we returned for our flight back to the Rocky Mountain West.  So long New England... loved the leaves, the history, and the people!


  1. Well, Im going to head your way before I head the Boston way. Both look full of adventure. Love your lighthouse image

  2. They would have to drag me back from there, kicking and screaming. It's so gorgeous! What a trip!


  3. Looks like you had a very photogenic trip. :-) But, I'll bet it was good to be back in your own bed.

  4. Thanks for sharing the photos of your trip.