Monday, November 10, 2014

Nice surprise

We thought we were heading into Portland for our overnight stay in Maine.  So, we were a little surprised when we checked the address of the motel and followed the leadings of the GPS.  We were going a bit south of Portland to Old Orchard Beach, and the motel was right on the beach.  Wow...what a great location!!  We got there just as it was getting dark-thirty. 

We went next door to a great restaurant (later finding out it's the best one in town) and I ordered Maine Lobster.  Oh wow.  I needed some help in cracking the shell and knowing where to find all the good meat.  I have to say that it's not quite the same in WY when you just get a lobster tail; I don't need help with that.  But, a guy sitting next to us offered to show me how to eat this thing properly.  That also opened up quite a conversation with both him and his wife.  We got some good advice on what to see in Portland the next day and also where to eat.   I took notes.

It seemed like it would be fun to watch the sun rise over the water the next morning, so we got up in time to do that, right from the motel balcony. 

Then we got ready for breakfast and a stroll down on the beach.  First to the pier. 

Next, a walk along the beach, heading back toward the motel.  The tide was out.  Beautiful beach; beautiful water; beautiful sky.  Can you believe this weather?  We took our shoes off to walk the beach...and then just had to go down to the water and get the feet wet.  Oh my goodness, the water was COLD.  Or should I say REFRESHING?  We actually witnessed a retired guy walk right into the breaking waves, dive in, and then return to the beach.  His old black Labrador impatiently waited for him to come back up on shore; obviously the Lab decided that jumping into the ocean was not for him this morning!   Oh man, after I got wet up to my ankles, I couldn't imagine diving in!! 


But it was a great morning for a walk along the beach, and several folks were doing just that - and planning to do a little sun-bathing too.

Now it's on to Portland for the day's adventures.


  1. Love the pier and the beach photos.

  2. I Hope you had a nice cuppa coffee for your balcony sunrise!!! glorious pictures!

  3. Nice photos, Nancy. I love the beach, anywhere.

  4. Ooooo...I'll bet that water WAS cold!!! Your pictures are beautiful!

    Isn't fresh lobster just the BEST? I love the claw meat!