Friday, November 7, 2014

Fall Colors in Southern Maine

Crossing the border from New Hampshire into southern Maine brought us into a lower elevation and a more colorful show of fall leaves.  We were heading southeast toward Portland, and the sun was nearly setting when we saw this sunlit bank of trees.  Had to stop.  Photo shoot.

The colors lit up like they were projecting their own light.  It was a beautiful scene.


  1. Was this daytime of nearing dust? The light here has been beaUTIFUL AT Sunset. I love those leaf colors. Reminds me of barbecue potato chip colors!

  2. Is there anything more beautiful that white birch??? I don't think so. LOL

    Great photos (AND you are making me very, VERY homesick! ;-) )

  3. Ptretty, pretty! I love the fall leaves, just not raking them.