Friday, November 28, 2014

Yard Bunny

Although I do talk sweetly to him, I've tried to keep him out of the yard.   However,  this Bunny is persistent.  I've posted about him earlier - a couple times. He's the fearless one, as he lets me get within an arm's length of him...and wants to stand his ground, but then when I begin to take one more step, he moves... just enough. And this continues until he's finally chased out of the yard. 

I'm giving up.  Because I can't be outside every time he feeds on my grass...and then leaves a "deposit."  That's why I don't want him there; I'm not a fan of the round dead spots in the grass by spring!! 

He's been kicked out  of his home in the wood pile by the other resident bunny, and I wonder why.  It's a big wood pile; there should be plenty of room.  His new residence is under the boardwalk in the yard.  Yes, I've blocked it with bricks a couple times, but that doesn't deter him.  And I thought I  had blocked gaps in the fence...but didn't know bunnies could jump that high over my barriers.  Impressive.

So, here he is on Thanksgiving Day, sitting just above his living quarters. From my computer window,  I watched him preening himself and then settling into a comfy, compact squat, round as a ball, and completely content.  I think he knows he's won the battle.


  1. They are the clever ones, aren't they?

  2. The round dead spots are their feeding areas and not due to their "deposits." They clip the grass off too much in one spot.

  3. Oh look's BUNNY LOAF!

  4. I have voles. Ugh! They do a tremendous amount of damage to a lawn, even under the snow.

  5. Be vewy vewy elmer fudd would say...I'm hunting Wabbit