Friday, November 21, 2014

Shawl we knit?

I found this shawl pattern called "Nurmilintu," and the asymmetrical structure reminded me of the "Hitchhiker."  I like the look of the lacy sections, so thought I'd give it a try.  The cast-on was started on the plane ride to Boston, and I got a good start while either in planes or airports.  But now I've completed 5 sections, and working on the 6th.  I chose lace weight yarn and size 2 needles; I'm quite sure the pattern actually calls for a little heavier weight yarn and bigger needles, but it can be done either way, depending on preference.  After this last section of lace, the pattern calls for the bind-off.  But of course, one can continue to add sections, and I think that's what I will do.  I'd like the length to be another 6 inches longer...or so.  The lace sections should be more visible/interesting after I block it.

The knitting is kind of slow in terms of progress, but I think I'm just getting impatient.  One stitch at a time...I remind myself.


  1. I've had to repeat that mantra a few times --- one more stitch, one more stitch.

    Looks like all your stitching will be well worth it. The color of your shawl is gorgeous! :-) Keep going can do it!

  2. It will become even more beautiful as you continue to knit.

  3. It is like Hitchhiker....Kudos to you for a smaller size and more work, but it will be a FABULOUS finish this way.

  4. Tiny needles! I'm using that mantra on my hedgehog mittens. That looks like a very pretty shawl....need to check out the pattern.