Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Being patient...being experimental...

I'm plugging along on this shawl.  Admittedly, I can't knit this project and watch engaging TV at the same time.  So, I'm finding I only get 4 rows or so completed in a day, and on size 4 needles, that doesn't look like much. 

The thing I like the least about the pattern is that to read the chart for the wrong side row, I have to do the opposite of what's on the chart.  (For instance, knit all the stitches marked purl, and purl all the stitches marked knit.)  It's easy to make a mistake if I'm not focused. 

So, I have to have other projects at hand that can be worked on while I'm watching TV; that translates into these "other projects" getting finished, while the shawl waits for me...

Just for jokes, I tried wet felting a "painting" based on the painting class project.  Although I was careful, the hot soap and water spread out some of the branches much more than I wanted.  Lesson learned.  I needle-felted in the details after the background was dry.  It's OK, but I'm not thrilled with it.

 It's a sunny day...yahoo...but with a snow storm coming in tonight...boo-hoo.  Oh well, it's early February...and we're still in winter mode.


  1. How clever to wet & needle felt your painting!

    I'm loving your shawl and can't wait to see it as the yarn changes color.

  2. Cute needle felting. What do you do with them? Do you frame them?

    The shawl is VERY pretty. Would it be worth it to rewrite the pattern with what you actually should do?

  3. Love your purple and green yarn choice!