Saturday, February 14, 2015

More painting and partying...

I attended a second Paint N Party event this week.  The subject of the painting intrigued me, and I had to sign up.  I had to know how this painting was sketched and how the paints were mixed for this street scene. 

Of course, the music was filling the room, and the budding artists were all anxious to start and have fun with this project.  I discovered a few friends were attending, friends I had not seen in a quite a while, so the reunion was fun too.

We started out with a few lines to begin the design.

Then, we added blocks of color with quite a bit of black mixed in.

And more blocks of color were added, until almost all the dark buildings in this painting were painted.  Then it was time to let the paint dry for a few minutes...and the loud music, snacks, and dancing/singing to the music went into full swing.

OK, I think the party girl leading this portion of the evening took up a little too much time. It was then a race to the end to paint in all the details.  And, sadly (from my perspective) we did not have time to actually finish the painting as we should have.  The awning over the window was left off...and I'm not happy about that.  I don't know if I could go in and paint that in on my canvas, but I'm really tempted.  I have a picture of the original, and I just might give it a try. 

Nevertheless, I like the painting, and it was a fun evening. 


  1. Cool finsih! You gotta love the finish!!!

  2. The light spilling into the street pulls in the viewer. Nice job


  3. It's a beauty, Nancy. I hope you're going to hang in in one of your rooms! Hope you had a nice Valentine's Day. Are you on Ravelry?

  4. That's a really nice painting, and I love the way she taught you to do that...perspective adds so much to the painting doesn't it. And you finished it off beautifully.


  5. Oh, the lighting from the building is perfect! And i love the starry night background too!

    Yes, sometimes all the visiting can get in the way of art; but isnt that why we live in the least populated states :D ?