Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Spring temps in February...

When I see TV reports of the snow that's falling in Boston, I feel so sorry for those folks in Massachusetts.  They are getting buried in it...more than 68" have already fallen, and now they don't know where to put the additional snow.  The mountains of plowed snow have grown beyond belief. 

Here in the West, the mountains are still getting snow, but down in the valleys, the snow from the last storm is nearly gone; only a few drifts on the north side of buildings are still melting.  And the muddy sections of dirt road are drying up.

Yesterday, as I drove past a car wash, I noticed quite a few vehicles waiting in line.  I chuckled.  "You might be a redneck if..." type joke came to mind.  You might be a Wyomingite if the color of your car is unrecognizable in February. 

We're getting temps around 50 degrees... in February.  Most unusual.  The weather is so unpredictable week to week. We need moisture...but we sure don't want it all at once in a debilitating snowstorm.  We'll take the spring-like temps for now!!


  1. It has been gorgeous, but it sounds like that might change this weekend.

  2. wow I wish we had a fifty degree day without wind!!! Im looking forward to it.
    Nothing but cccooooold on our horizon in chicago

  3. We've had unusual warmth here too; in fact the daffodils are budded. The rain has been abundant also with no snow for skiers sadly. Very odd, I agree.