Friday, February 6, 2015

Bunny watch

Not much is happening outside today that is photo-worthy.  Well, except for the occasional activity of my bunny.  The sun has been out this morning; bunny found a sunny spot, ears back, eyes closed, and puffed up into a ball.  When I drove out to get the mail, he was alerted and moved a little closer to the entrance of his hovel.  When I returned, I decided to have a little chat with him, tell him I enjoyed having him here, and asked for a couple photos.

It's a quiet day here at the house.  I have plenty of little tasks and projects to keep me busy.  Which one to tackle next???  "Bunny, do you have any input?"

"Is the photo shoot over already?"  Blink, blink.  


  1. aww I love the white ring around his neck

  2. He must have found a good food source for the winter because he is looking pretty fit..

  3. Don't you wonder if they think about how cold it is.

    I wonder if they think yesterday was warmer (or colder). I wonder if they WISH for warmer weather OR is life just what it is and they don't think about it at all.

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmm...the big issues of the world. LOL

    1. I wonder what they are thinking too! I wonder what they think when it snows and blows a bunch...perhaps they do just take it all in stride.