Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Stuck in the middle...

Stuck in the middle of cold and snowy days
     icy roads, grey skies on the winter buffet.

Stuck in the middle of a musical show
   but the final performance is the Sunday matinee.

Stuck in the middle of a felted wall hanging
   wool on the table is a colorful display.

Stuck in the middle of a knitted lacy scarf
   it's been neglected but is never far away.

Stuck in the middle...well that's how it feels
   but I am making progress -- my story today.


  1. "Grow where youre planted" :) February is always one of the hardest months to work through - But summer is coming, really!!! xox

  2. Stuck in the middle, but heading for the end. You'll get there. Hang on! Winter can't last forever. ;-)

  3. At least you are stuck in the middle and not at the beginning ;o)

  4. Nice poetry, and not stuck in the middle either. That little bunny looks a wee bit chilly. Anxious to see both the scarf and the felting!

  5. I love the MIDDLE of a sandwich...does that help?