Monday, February 16, 2015

It's snowing ... again ...

May as well get into the groove of some good "indoor" projects, because it's snowing again!  Those few days of "spring is on it's way weather" were nasty little teasers, because yesterday we got a good reminder that we're still in winter for another month or so.

So, I've got a good start on an Open and Closed sign (needle-felted) for a gal in Laramie who own Cowgirl Yarn.  I have a pretty neat plan for hanging these, but I'll have to see how it works out.  First, I have to finished the "closed" sign.  I have two I'm pondering which one to start. 

Then, this morning I decided to get started on wet-felting another experimental piece.  I laid out the wool on top of a piece of 11"X14" store-bought felt, soaked it down with hot water with just a bit of soap, massaged it gently, then sandwiched it between layers of plastic and rolled it around a washcloth.  Finally, I stuffed the roll into an old nylon sock and put it in the dryer with some towels to finish off the felting process.   One thing about wet-felting is that the fibers and spread and move around more than you wish they would.  I'm sure I could remedy this by needle-felting the fibers in place a bit more, or using solid felted pieces on top.  But... I'm experimenting.

After it dries, I will go back over it with needle-felted details...and then you might be able to guess what it's going to be.  Or do you already think you have it figured out?


  1. Very cute sign! Could you reverse it and show the cowgirl's/sheeps' backs? I just saw a cute child's sweater that was used that way with "open" on the front and "closed" on the back,using intarsia, I think. Stay warm!

  2. Thats a cute sign, and I know the shop owner will love it.

  3. I have NO idea but I am so fascinated in the process. can't wait to see CLOSED...

  4. Fascinating! I love the little sheep on the OPEN sign- can't wait to see what you do for the other. (I've never tried felting, but it's on my list.)