Friday, May 15, 2015

Home on the Range

Yesterday, I drove my friend to Jane to an appointment in Jackson Hole, WY.  I never tire of the scenery going over Togwotee Pass and into Teton County.  On the drive, we saw deer, antelope, buffalo, and elk.  We didn't stop to try photographing the elk, but the buffalo were so close to the
 road, it was much too tempting to pass by.

 I even got out of the car to take photos, and although several tourists were doing the same thing, the buffalo could have cared less; they seemed very intent on grazing on the fresh grass.  Look at that big 'ol boy on the right!  Their hides were looking scruffy since they are losing their winter coats.

For lunch, Jane saw buffalo sloppy joes on the menu.  Why not make it the theme of the day?  Oh man, the sandwich was very good.  Add a cup of homemade soup and lemon water...and it's a perfect lunch.  We ate in the historic cabin that's been transformed into Sweetwater Deli Restaurant.  Have you eaten there?  I'd recommend it!

The storm clouds moved in as we were departing Jackson Hole, so I missed the opportunity to photograph the Teton peaks...but the canyons below are pretty dramatic too.


  1. Love those Tetons; they are so beautiful. Sounds like you had a great outing. This is our big weekend of singing Messiah. The soloists are fabulous!

  2. Such wild and rugged beauty compared to our lush garden of the Willamette Valley!

  3. Wow! Bison!!!!!! I can't imagine living where you can see such majestic animals.

  4. The Tetons are so majestic no matter what the weather.

  5. Lovely post . I want to go to there!~!!!
    Buffalo in Custer State park were awe inspiring.
    Thanks for the fun images.
    Mmm sloppy anything sounds good