Monday, May 11, 2015

Needle-felting Gnomes

Our local fiber guild held a retreat on Saturday...and what a perfect day it was to be inside.  Yes, another rainy day.  When it's dreary outside, tend to your wool and needles!  My duties for the day were to teach a morning and an afternoon needle-felting class.

The morning class made needle-felted sheep.  We failed to line up all the sheep for a photo shoot, but you can see a couple of them here.  Rachel's Gnome started transforming into a lady as she began putting on the facial features, so she just went for it, adding long hair and a basket of yarn.  So creative!  And cute as can be!

Above you can see the rest of the afternoon class's needle-felted Knitting Gnomes.  The gals did a fantastic job!  They all made knitting needles out of toothpicks and beads, and they will finish "the look" by rolling up a ball of yarn from their stash for the Gnome to hold.


  1. I love the last trio the most. Perfect imperfection is what I call needle felting that turns out so well. Nancy Kay you are a wonder

  2. Looks like the gnomes are on their way to knit group! :-)

  3. They are all adorable! Wish I could catch one of your classes. Around here, we say at least you don't have to shovel rain! Sounds like WY and SD got their share of May no less!

  4. Yes, it was a great day to be inside and learning a new skill. I know everyone enjoyed working on their projects.