Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Waiting for sunshine

The flowers are so heavy with raindrops and dew, they too are anxious for sunshine! The Columbines haven't quite lifted their heads yet to reveal their gorgeous blooms.

Blue Flax is waiting for sunshine too.

So, while it's been too wet to be outside...well, it's just perfect for knitting inside!!  I finished a hat that I am giving away.  It certainly was a good way to knock down the stash by one ball...especially this single ball of yarn with about 175 yds!  The pattern is called Antler Hat (a freebie from Ravelry).  It has these cables that look like antlers...very masculine, eh?


  1. I agree, the dreary and wet days were ideal for knitting.

    Love the hat and the yarn you used.

  2. Oh I love your hat finish. My columbine have been open and blooming for about a week now.

  3. Love the colours in that yarn...yes this is the perfect kind of wool weather!

  4. Perfect for the fall ---- love that color combo.