Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Blending in...

                    Talk about blending into the background! 
    Mother Nature sure takes care to dress deer in winter's colors. 

                                   It was nearing sunset, 
                and the grove of olive trees south of the school 
                               was a quiet feeding ground.

                                Nearly a dozen deer have  
                              found this a safe place to graze,         
                             and it's not unusual to see them 
                                          in late afternoon 
           as one drives slowly down the school entrance lane 
                            before turning west to head home.

                                 Momma moved forward 
                             just before I snapped the picture, 
                               as if to say, "Stay right here.  
                   I'll let you know if we should run for protection."


  1. Good pictures!

    We see a lot of deer in our neighborhood lately. I think they are being pushed into the neighborhood by too much crowding.

  2. I always loved to see the deer in that area.