Friday, February 1, 2013

Sweater Shawl

I'm sure you've seen and probably have worn a crew-neck sweater draped across your back, with the sleeves coming around your neck/shoulders and tied in the front.  It's that collegiate look...or perhaps that L.L. Bean look that never goes out of style.  This sweater shawl mimics that look and is designed to wear just that way, draped over shoulders and back to add a little warmth on a cool day.  That's right.  It looks like a sweater, but it's only one layer.

At this point, I have finished the back and have begun the left "sleeve."  After both sleeves are completed, I'll be picking up stitches around the neck to make a collar (in ribbing).  Interesting, eh?  I'll continue to post pictures as the project progresses.


  1. Very interesting! I could never get that casual look with my sweater. It always looks like a bunched up mess around my neck. LOL

    Can't wait to see how this works. :-)

  2. Your sweater shawl is progressing nicely, and the yarn is working perfectly, too. This is going to turn out great, and I know you will enjoy wearing it.