Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sock class

I'm scheduled to teach a class on knitting socks on circular needles.  To make it easier, I like to start with worsted weight yarn and size 5 needles.  For beginning knitters, having the larger needles and yarn make it so much easier to handle and much faster. (Like Nancy S. says, they're great house socks, and I like them in boots too.) So, I am getting my "stuff" together.  The yarn I'm going to use is "Encore." Today I decided to cast on and rehearse my "demo" mentally and physically. Those first couple rows are tricky.

We'll have 3 sessions with a little "homework" in between: 1 for the cuff or leg, 1 for turning the heel, and 1 for the toe and kitchner join.

How well do you remember knitting your first pair of socks? Did you use double-points? Circulars? What was the hardest section to get your head wrapped around?  How long did it take you to finish the entire pair?  Any adult beverages involved?  Hot tea to relax?  Soda pop to keep you going?


  1. I jumped right in using sock yarn and aluminum dons. How frustrating for me! The dpns kept sliding out of the stitches so I bought some bamboo dpns to finish the socks. I have never looked back! Now I knit them on two circulars.

  2. The hardest concept for me to grasp was the heel turn. Once I mastered that turn, I was off like a flash.

    Thank you for encouraging me to take your class about 7 or 8 years ago. I can't even count how many pair I've knit since then. I still wear the first pair I knit.

  3. Judging from Nancy's comment, that weight yarn wears well, too? My first pair of socks was in a class for "boot socks" but with size 4 dpns. I've tried 2 needles but get "ladders" between them and have trouble keeping track where I am. Hard to teach an old dog new tricks maybe? It'd be hand for getting that second sock finished though.

  4. Boy Nancy...I get busy, don't look at blogs for a few days and miss your post on socks!! I remember my first socks done with Wool Ease yarn, and it must have been dpns. I don't have those socks anymore, but now I have a plethora of socks in sock yarn, and I love using bamboo (or other wood) dpns. Someday, when I have spare mental energy (i.e., Miranda is off at college), I want to try doing socks on two circs!