Friday, February 15, 2013

Young bucks and melting snow...

This young buck was grazing right by the lane leaving school again today, and I couldn't help but stop, roll down my window, and take a few pictures.

Then, I looked out the passenger side window, and this more mature buck had his eyes locked on me.  He might have had a little attitude.  But he didn't move a muscle while I rolled down the passenger window and adjusted the telephoto for this shot. 
"Really, lady? How about moving along?"

Since our big snow, we've had a couple nice days with warmer temps, and the snow has begun to melt. Awww....sunshine!


  1. Yes, I think Winter's grip is beginning to loosen. Once the heavy snow start falling, it feels like Spring is just around the corner.

  2. Horray! I've found your blog...thank you so much for giving me the link.

    I am a deer lover...I know that some people don't like them, but to me, to see them is pretty special.