Friday, February 22, 2013

Warmth from a sweater shawl...

Well, it's finally ready to wear.  This garment is so easy to slip around the shoulders, and it's nice and warm.  I'll wear it out and about today to see how I like it. 

From the front, the sweater shawl draped straight down the front and back.
Looking at the back.
Here it is draped on me...but it's pretty tricky taking my own picture.
Here it is on the hanger.


  1. I like it! Without being tied, it almost looks like a vest.

  2. That is perfect for those drafty days....

    Now if I could make one like that for the Boo.....he would be happy.


  3. I love that!!!! I think I have that same purple turtleneck. Maybe I need to make one of those shawls. What was the pattern name?

  4. I LOVE the way it turned out; the color is great!

  5. That is so unique! Perfect for a cool evening or an (overly) air conditioned room. It's nice to be back in the blogosphere and revisit my favorite blogs.