Thursday, February 7, 2013

Extending the arm...

Gee, it seems like it's going rather slowly...this left arm that is to be knit.  I still have about 9 more inches to go!

I have another project on the needles, a simple cowl, but it's not getting much attention at the moment. 

Every time I attempt to reach for it,  I hear the Sweater Shawl whining, "Pleeeease, finish me before winter ends!" Since the February groundhog weather prediction, I'm afraid I may not have a lot of time...


  1. Oh you can't trust that wiley groundhog. He'll say anything ... he's just an overgrown rat! LOL

    The cowl is a lovely color and looks like it will be quite warm.

  2. The Sweater Shawl could still be used in the Spring and early Summer.

  3. oh, I love how soft and beautiful that is turning out. The muted color is very attractive.
    Rebel Follower