Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine Needle-felting

I drove with some needle-felting buddies to a class (about 1 1/2  hours away) to make some needle-felted, Valentine-inspired projects.  The teacher of the class showed us several possibilities for projects, set up several centers that had all kinds of yarn, threads, beads, lace, material,  and felt.  She wanted us to let our imaginations take off and create "whatever." 
Front of card

Back of card. All it needs is a sweet message.

One of the ideas was a needle-felted postcard.  So I gave that a try.   Card stock was sewn on the back side of the felted piece.  And, I guess it's actually ready to mail.  I call this design "Waves of Love." I hope that's what you feel on Valentines' Day!


  1. I've seen quilted postcards but never a needle-felted one. I love the color combination and the design. Nice job!

    Are you going to send it to someone special?

  2. Awwwww...very sweet. Hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day too. :-)

  3. I loved this postcard. I voted for it as best of show on Sat.
    Rebel Follower