Monday, March 4, 2013

Beginner Sock Class

The first session of the beginner sock class went well.  It is so fun to help someone get started on a project they've wanted to try for years.  Such is the case with these knitters.  As I recorded in an earlier blog, we're knitting with worsted weight yarn and size 5 needles, so the work will go quickly and the tiny needles and yarn can be picked up for another pair "down the road." 

I'm using Encore yarn.

We got a good start on the leg/cuff, and their week's homework is to finish the desired length on the leg and knit the heel flap.  And when we get together on Thursday, I'll walk them through turning the heel and picking up stitches for the gusset.  Can't wait. 

I've got a little surprise.  Since I also make jewelry, I thought I'd make a pair of stitch markers for them.  In Galina Khmeleva's  lace knitting class, I learned that it can be helpful to have two different colored stitch markers when you are wanting to keep track of where you are for "go" and red for "stop" ...which will translate into keep going after you've worked the first decrease on the gusset on Needle 1, and round 1 stops after working the 2nd decrease and finishing Needle 2. 

In lace work that looks the same on both sides, the red marker can mean RS (right side); green marker, WS.  Pretty handy tip.


  1. What a sweet gift and the green and red are such a good idea. The stitch markers are ADORABLE!

    Good luck with all those gussets! :-)

  2. Your sock-knitting students will be pleased with the gifts and find them helpful.

    I like how the Encore is striping - very pretty.