Monday, March 18, 2013

It felt like spring...

Yes, amazingly, Friday and Saturday felt like spring.

 Saturday I attended our local Fiber Arts Guild meeting. Our special program was lead by Billie from Lucy's Sheep Camp, and she had all the materials and instruction to lead us through making a needle-felted postcard.  We all used a spring theme and had fun poking the wool. 

Here's the front of the card that I made, based on some inspiration from a design on Sally's silk scarf.

And here's the back of the postcard.  Billie brought an ink pad and a postcard stamp to  stamp this design on a rectangle of muslin which was then adhered to the back of the felted piece with sticky interfacing and a hot iron.

The final steps were to punch holes around the outside of the postcard and then crochet an edge.  TA-DA.    It will be perfect as an Easter postcard.


  1. This was a fun activity for the meeting.

    You have an artistic eye for detail and the ability to make the roving do what you want it to do.