Friday, March 15, 2013

Don't Fence Me In...

I'm probably pretty close to finishing this wet-felted piece I put on my post a couple days ago.  The first one got the cowgirl... and this one has a fence line and some Indian Paint Brush to add color and interest.  Haven't decided if I will add something more or not. 
The wet-felted piece.

Here's the same piece after I added the machine stitching and some needle-felting.

I think I'm ready to use the actual materials I got for the Fiber Challenge and hope for the best as I lay out the wool and start the wet-felting process.  I've learned a few things by experimenting; hope it pays off. Ha.


  1. Beautiful! The mountains remind me of "purple mountains majesty".

  2. I love this nice!

  3. This piece is wonderful: it's my favorite of the two pieces.