Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Old cedar fencing

My neighbor Brett is pretty handy at woodworking, so I asked him if he'd consider helping me make  two background/frameworks for felting projects  Fortunately, he didn't have other plans, so  he agreed to pull out the saws.  And I promised him lunch.

After showing him what I had in mind, I went to the scrap pile and pulled out 3 pieces of old, weathered, cedar fencing that I had torn down several years ago.  (I had saved them just for projects like this.)

 It was so nice outside that we were able to work out on the cement pad in front of his garage.  It was the most time I'd spent outside in the fresh air and sunshine in months!! 

I thought the work would only take a couple hours.  Well, it took twice as long. Brett searched for the wood glue; had to settle for school glue.  He patiently helped me think through decisions about the dimensions, and we had to discuss the best length of nails and screws to use...etc., etc. Just when you think you have all the measurements right...something doesn't' quite fit...even though it SHOULD.   Measure, adjust, measure again.  Check the angles.  Shave off a "skosh" here.  Pull a splinter out of your finger there...                                            

In the end, it was all good...

So here's one of the frames we made, and I'm using it for my "Wild, Wild West" Fiber Challenge.  Right now, all the components from the project bag are in the "picture," but they are not nailed or glued down.  I think I will just look at it again in a few days and see if I want to change my mind on any of the details. 


  1. The frame finished it off perfectly.
    I think it is a winner!

  2. The frame is perfect for this project. It was sweet of Brett to help you. What did he get for lunch?