Monday, June 24, 2013

4 Wheeling season has begun...

This weekend marked my first outing on the 4-wheeler this summer!  Yea!  The mountain roads are dry enough to get up in the high country, so it was wonderful to head up to Dubois and north to the Horse Creek area. 

My neighbors were camped there, trying out their new camper, and invited me to come up and 4-wheel.  So, I accepted!  I'd wanted to take one of the new teachers at school on a ride, and she was anxious to have the experience.  So, we arrived at their camp about 1:00 p.m. and unloaded.

I'm on the left, Brenda M. in the middle, and Scot on the right with the new Razor.
My neighbor's son was there too, and he had just purchased a new side-by-side 4 wheeler (Polaris Razor)  that seats 4.  We all took off up the trail to Bog Lake.  About a mile down the trail I realized I left my camera in the pickup!  Rats!!  Bog Lake was beautiful...but I have no pictures.

Then, we returned to camp, I loaded up my two machines, and then four of us climbed into the new side-by-side for a tour of the Burroughs Creek Loop road.  The ride in this new machine was unbelievable... no kidding...smoothest ride I've ever had, and even the back seats were very comfortable (lumbar support and all).  I think each year the improvements on these machines are remarkable.  

Anyway, because Dave has hunted in this area since he was a kid, he knows just where to go to see all the beautiful lakes.  One has to know this area, because there's very little signage.  Some trails have a number, but others don't.  So, if I had to find my way to all these spots on my own...hmmm...I probably wouldn't be too successful.  I'd need to drive it myself and go a couple more times. 
Virgin Lake

The first high mountain lake (we're talking about 9,000 feet) is Virgin Lake.
Rainbow Lake
Dave, the ultimate mountain tour guide!

The next was Rainbow Lake.
Ramshorn Lake

And finally we wound around until we came into a clearing where we could see Ramshorn Lake, located right at the base of Ramshorn Peak.  It was getting pretty chilly by now, and it was time to head back to camp!!

But on the way, we scared a Moose and her year-old calf as we came around a corner.  We got a close look at them;  they are spectacular animals.  Both ran quickly into the dense forest cover before I could get a good picture...but I can assure you there's a "butt" shot of the Moose if you could look closely enough.


  1. Great photos of some beautiful country.

  2. Wow! Looks like you had a BEAUTIFUL day.

    Butt shots . . . yep... we all get them. LOL I had a great blurry racoon butt shot on Saturday.