Monday, June 3, 2013

Breakfast at the Bird-feeder

I'm open for business....breakfast at the Bird-feeder.  Come check out the millet, sunflower seeds, cracked corn, and peanut pieces! 

Word has spread, and more birds are showing up, checking out the menu, engaging in some taste-testing, and much to my delight, returning.

Previously, I haven't paid much attention to the birds in the neighborhood.  I didn't even know what to think about those who talked about watching hummingbirds, robins, etc. from their porch or kitchen windows. You have time to do that??  I just didn't see the attraction.  But, change happens.  I've been paying much more attention to all the wild animals that pass through, and I'm finding a real joy in it

So, who's showing up at the feeder?  I'm trying to figure out the identify all the clientele.   I recognize the pair of doves, and a few robins.  I had to do a bit of research and found the most colorful ones are western bluebirds.   I think I've identified a few others as Sage Sparrows and House Finches.  A few strangers have come to town... and observing them from afar, I haven't quite got them ID'd.

I don't have a fabulous camera, the pictures are pushing the capabilities of my camera the only way to get a picture, so far, has been to stand inside, taking pictures through the window with the telephoto lens fully extended. These are pretty grainy.  Maybe I'll be able to get better shots if I can be more sneaky...


  1. Glad your life is slowing down so you can enjoy the visits from feathered friends.

  2. The birds will eventually get used to you too. Then you might be able to shoot from a little bit closer.

  3. I love your expressive writing and pictures.
    Rebel Follower

  4. Feed the birds tip pence a bag. Now you will be hooked.
    We have woodpeckers cardinals house sparrows finches blue jays nuthatches and chickadees

  5. Blue birds, you lucky soul! We just saw a mama mallard on DH's college campus with 12! babies. She must be one busy bird.