Friday, May 31, 2013

Pot o' Gold

I'm kinda busy...looking for that pot o' gold.  I'm pretty sure it's on the edge of my property.... 
See the faint image of a double rainbow?

This was last night's rainbow!  Brilliant. It appeared that the end of the rainbow was not far away at all.  Hurriedly, I snatched up my camera...and in bare feet...stepped outside in the rain to snap some photos.  Yes, it was raining, but the setting sun was peering through a break in the clouds, creating a fantastic rainbow, a promise of protection. 

Then, I saw that the rainbow had stretched into a full arch...and the other end appeared over the neighbor's house. 

 What a show of color!  I hurried to capture a few good the rain...with the sun setting...slowly.... over the mountains.


  1. Wasn't it gorgeous!
    Kind of helped you forget all the wind and rain!
    Great photos !

  2. WOW! We've had rainbows lately, but NEVER that brilliant.

    So ....did you or your neighbor get the pot of gold?

  3. Very nice capture. Like Dee, I ve never had a rainbow that clear and brilliant in an image.

  4. I love double rainbows...and have never seen them until we moved up here.

    You got some great shots, they are beautiful.