Thursday, May 30, 2013


OK, so Snooze isn't referring to that inviting afternoon nap...

While in Denver, I was treated to breakfast at a very popular restaurant, Snooze. (Colo Blvd & 8th) There were people lined up outside, waiting to get in. We had a 40 min. wait.  I understand it's like that every day because it's so popular.  They serve breakfast and lunch only.

I ordered "Snooze Continental," which included yogurt, topped with a honey-glazed granola, half of a grapefruit that had a glaze that was very tasty, and an English muffin.  But the point of all this is to share what I found out about the yogurt. (My latest favorite has been Chobani.) However, I could not get over how smooth, creamy, and delicious it was, so I asked the waitress about it.  Turns out that the yogurt is made in Colorado and  is carried in the local stores.  It's called Noosa.  So, I picked up 4 containers on my way out of Denver.  Then, I found out last night from one of my knitting friends that Safeway (right here!!) carries that brand...and it is usually flying off the shelf.  I purchased the honey flavor, but it also comes in blueberry and strawberry/rhubarb. (I think there might be a 4th flavor.)  Oh man, I'm telling you, if you like yogurt, and there's a chance you can taste this brand...IT'S WORTH IT.  It's the best I've EVER eaten. 

Wish you could see their list of enticing flavored pancakes.... but that's another story!!!


  1. YUM! I'm always looking for interesting yogurts. How many calories in this yogurt? High in sugar (oh probably LOL)?

    Glad you had such a nice breakfast.

  2. I've never seen that yogurt anywhere.

    Marilyn said the restaurant has received an A+ rating from the state health department 2 years in a row, which is not common.

  3. Sounds delightful....I love food, lol.

    And the yogurt...I probably won't be able to get it here in Canada. But I have been making my own for a few months..and it's delish.

    Strawberry Rhubarb..oh to swoon over.


  4. NOOSA is now on my list. I Ve yet to really fall in love with yogurt thanks!