Friday, May 17, 2013

They're baaack...

The antelope (from below the hill) are back.  Here they are having breakfast on my lane this morning, nibbling on the new green grass.

It is starting to "green up" around here, but from this picture it's obvious that the trees at the neighbors are just starting to leaf out. So, from a distance, there's only a hint of green today.  In one week, we have gone from brown and dull to green and blooming!  Like everybody else, I'm shaking my head at the crazy weather patterns across the country.

The crab apple trees are blooming in town...and they are beautiful.  I hope to get a picture or two soon.


  1. You'd better snap photos of the crab apple trees today because the blooms will be gone by Sunday.

  2. Love antelope. Their faces are SO beautiful.

    We have had some wild weather. Hot in January. Cold in April. Now I think we are well into summer. It will be in the 90s today.

  3. Ahhhh but do they run across the road?? THe deer here are crazy and its a hazard..but they are so pretty

  4. Where the deer and the antelope play....