Monday, May 6, 2013

Cotton Sweater Shawl

I got started on the sweater shawl that a friend commissioned from me.  I decided to make it out of cotton, rather than wool.  This is a worsted weight yarn, and it's thick and thin, not an even, smooth texture.  Because it doesn't have the "give" that wool has, it's not as easy on the hands, either.  I had to go from size 6 needles down to size 4 to get the right gauge.  That gave the the opportunity to use the glass needles I bought in Reno last fall.  Oh, they are smooth...and are working well with this yarn.
I'm anxious to see how this garment looks and feels as I progress.

This is what the finished wool sweater shawl looked like tied in the front.


  1. Such a pretty color blue!

  2. Cute cute cute.> I LOVE Your color choice. Hang in there hands..>I'd have to charge more for a cotton knit up......

  3. When you mentioned you were knitting this in cotton, I wondered it would hurt your hands. The color is gorgeous!