Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Gettin' down on the ukulele

I have piano and voice student who wanted to play guitar too.  But she's still so little, I suggested she start on the ukulele.  So, now a year later, here we are, preparing for her first recital on the ukulele. 

To give her lessons, I had to dust off my old ukulele and relearn what I had stepped away from for years!  It's been really fun, and I've managed to learn a lot of new stuff too.  I decided I needed to graduate to a better (newer) instrument, so at Christmas I was gifted with this standard size ukulele.

Just a month ago, my student was introduced to... and bought a gitalele.  What?  Yeah.  I'd never heard of it either.  It's a 6 string ukulele that looks like a small guitar, but is tuned like a ukulele. It is a pretty nifty instrument!  Evidently there has been a big upsurge in sales and popularity of the ukulele in the last few years.  So, we're right on trend. 

Have you ever heard of the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain?  Check out this YouTube link:


  1. Thanks for the video link - I enjoyed listening to their rendition.

    Wish I could attend your student's recital.

  2. Nancy Kay

    Last year we heard RICKY SKAGGS and band play at the Old Towne School of FOlk music...what a gift what a talent what a night.
    He played his mom's favorite song: MOthers not Dead, she's only sleeping....
    IT was sooo sweet.
    I love that you teach!!

  3. I remember playing those in grade school...the sweet moments when the entire class was in tune, and playing together are lovely memories.

    I had no ideas that you taught music lessons...way to go.