Monday, May 20, 2013

Crazy weather

So, here's a picture of a day of sunshine, warm temps, and bees were buzzing the yellow blossoms on the caragana.  The grass is growing like crazy, and hopefully will fill in the spots where the rabbits were eating and peeing over the winter months...killing the grass!  Not so thrilled about that!!  But that's the way it goes out in the country!

These little guys are getting a big drink of rain water.
I received 10 bare root evergreen trees in the mail from the Arbor Day Foundation.  I barely remembered that I had opted to receive them last year.  But they arrived and needed care right away.  I could not decide where I wanted to plant them, so I dug out old pots of any kind and planted them, placing the pots in areas that were a little protected from the elements. Although you can see the wind yesterday pushed them over a bit; I'll try to correct that. And then...rain.  RAIN?  Yep.  It's been a long time since we've had rain that lasted more than 5 minutes.  It's great!  We need it!  But we can hardly believe it!


  1. Love the drizzly, rain that fell yesterday. My Sunday paper was soaked yesterday morning and is still damp today.

  2. The neighbor kids brought over little tiny evergreen give aways 2 summers ago. maybe 3. ONE of them survived and is thriving ......I'll show it on my blog soon. It feels like such a victory!

  3. We had some crazy storms yesterday. Thankfully, no violent weather, but definitely some VERY hard rain.

  4. I think we are getting your rain right's a storm and a half.