Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Me? Cooking??

I'm not known for my flare in the kitchen...

I do alright...I mean, I'm not starving.  My general motto is that if I can't fix a meal in 20 minutes or less...forget it. Since retiring from education, and not eating the main meal from the cafeteria, I have had to "step it up" in my own kitchen.  Also, since purchasing a Bountiful Basket of fruits and veggies every couple weeks, I've eaten more healthy meals and have had to research how to fix some of the items I've received in the Basket.  Case in point: artichokes.  This week I received two. 

Remember Kathy B suggesting we not put away our crock pots for the summer???  OK, I thought maybe artichokes could be steamed in I looked up a recipe on-line.  Sure enough - it's doable!  I watched a great little video about prepping the artichokes (cutting off the tips of the prickly leaves, removing the flowery heart, and cleaning up the stem).  Then, they went in the crock pot with a cup and a half of water, some lemon juice, salt and pepper.  Oh, and one thing more: they suggested adding some garlic.

I remembered that I had purchased a garlic press...but had never used it.  Hmm.  I scrounged through a drawer of utensils and found it...still in the plastic packaging! works great!  Why didn't I use it sooner???  Oh, Nancy, Nancy, your lack of cooking knowledge and experience is a disgrace. Maybe you better not disclose that info. 

I put the lid on, and set the crock pot on LOW for (maybe) 7 hours.  I would have to check them, as they could be ready to eat in 4.

I'll let you know how it went...


  1. So? How were they?

    I think I've only had fresh artichokes once. Don't remember being impressed. But, I do love those artichoke hearts you can buy in a jar. I could just eat them plain right out of the jar.

  2. I'm curious to hear how this worked. Please do a follow-up post.

  3. Oh me too. Fireman loves artichokes and I"ve never cooked them....

    thanks for the shout out

  4. Hmmmm. Sounds interesting. How'd they taste?