Thursday, May 2, 2013

Not just a dusting...

Yes, on May 1st, we got hit with yet another snow storm...and it's not a dusting!  
My neighbor measured it at 6 inches...and it's still snowing lightly.  It's heavy and wet, so I guess it's good news for us 
on the high plains.  
We must be grateful for every bit of moisture.  
(Even though I want to complain about shoveling snow, I am biting my lip and SMILING.) 
Yes, this moisture will "green" things up significantly.  
So through clenched teeth and a forced smile, I'm saying, "Yahoo!"


  1. My thoughts exactly!

  2. We've had a crazy amount of rain the last couple of days, but like you, I shouldn't complain. We need it SO badly.

    But, I'd really like to see the sun again. ;-)

  3. My lawn is absorbing the snow quickly. A bonus, the walk and drive were warm and melted the snow so I didn't have to shovel this time.

  4. Oh so sorry. THat would really bum me out. Here's to the SUN owing you a payback and lots of good days ahead. Or just close the drapes until it melts!