Thursday, May 16, 2013

The aroma was wonderful...

As the artichokes were cooking in the crockpot, the aroma filled the house. smelled great.  I was sure hoping they would taste great too...

I checked them after 3 hours and decided to add another half cup of water.  Then, after 6 hours on LOW, I checked them again, and they were ready to eat.

I heated some garlic butter to dip the leaves in and started picking the artichoke apart, scooping off the good stuff with my teeth.  Oh, was good.  Tender. Tasty.  The garlic butter is a must.  I ate all the good stuff off one artichoke. I refrigerated the other one; not sure it will taste as good as the first one did, fresh out of the crock pot, but we'll see.  This turned out to be a good way to prepare artichokes; I'll definitely give this recipe another go.


  1. Glad they were enjoyed! :-)

  2. Hooray ..Success. Now I have to try

  3. Glad it worked! Sounds tasty.