Friday, May 10, 2013

Spring is making me smile...

Yippee!!  Yahoo!!  The leaves of the cottonwood and aspen finally started to pop out!!  We have had crazy days of rain and sun, and the trees have decided it's safe to leaf out!  The temps have settled into spring...thank goodness!  We are all so ready! 

There are two rows stacked so far.

I'm still working on getting all that wood stacked.  When my ukulele student came by for a lesson yesterday, her mom INSISTED that she stack wood while she waited for her daughter.  WHAT???  She was so thankful that I had been helpful to her in another project, that she wanted to help me out with this...Is that something, or what? 

There's still plenty to do... and I hope to tackle more today.

This little creature was hanging on to the wood pile.  Anybody know what he is?


  1. My trees are starting to show signs of leaves, too.

    Your critter is a moth.

  2. Ive been worrying about MOTHS lately. Last year I lost a few knit wools to moths and it has just occurred to me that they are coming BACK For summer. I ended up putting almost everything in plastic bags in my stash.

    THat's a big ole moth.

    Happy for you that your SPRING is arrived

  3. I'm guessing it is a polyphemus moth.

    We are into SUMMER already. Tomorrow is going to be in the 90s!

  4. He's very cute whatever he is.

    How very nice of her to do that...


  5. I agree, it's some kind of moth. Spring and summer are great!