Saturday, June 22, 2013

Summer Solstice

A Celebration

 From pagan origins

A tribute to the Sun

Clarity, inspiration, unprejudiced love, warmth, life giving energy

That which may be hid by clouds,  but cannot be extinguished

From the ancients at the builders of Stonehenge or 
Egypt’s pyramids
To cultures around the world

Mankind celebrates the goddess of the hearth, agriculture, femininity

With midsummer festivals, parades, bonfires, food, music, 

Floating fragrant flower garlands gently down a river…

Thoughts of such celebrations down the centuries entertained me

As I watched the last ray of light from the longest midsummer day 

Offer a promise of Good…in silence.


  1. Wow! Summer has a lot to live up to. LOL

    For me the longest day of the year means that every day gets a little shorter. I'm a winter-lovin' girl.

  2. how lovely how very sweet.

    I usually attach all kinds of emotion to any event there is, but the solstice escapes me. My family mourns the day the light starts getting shorter, but I feel it is summer just begun!