Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Wool Market, p. 2

 Both Julie and I signed up for 2 days of knitting classes.  Julie took "The Language of Lace," which was a 2-day class.  On Thursday I took "Cables, Twists, and More." Friday's class was "Knitting With Beads."  We were very pleased with our choices and learned a lot of new techniques and tricks. 

Thursday was all knitting...but we were invited to a reception at the Art Center in Estes.  On display were some very artistic wool garments and wall-hangings. 

The buildings and tents to the right in the background housed the Wool Market.
After classes on Friday, we were surprised to find out that all the "students" were invited to a special opening of the Wool Market, located at the fairgrounds.  That was exciting!  So, the shopping...and spending...got underway.

I found some washable wool at a very affordable price to make another sweater shawl.  The colors are rich, and the yarn is soft. 

Lots of alpaca yarn was available...and I couldn't resist...picked up two skeins.

As long as I'm showing off the new additions to the stash, I need to come forward and show what I bought at My Sister Knits.  The shop was in a carriage house behind the main house.  It was so beautiful, we could hardly stand it.  We could have been very comfortable knitting in the garden!!

Because we arrived very close to closing time...both Julie and I were compelled to purchase something, thankful that the gals kept the shop open long enough for us to browse...and drool...and buy.

I bought a pattern and yarn for a neck cowl. 
We assumed we would be spending all Saturday morning shopping at the Wool Market.  However, since we were able to go all through it Friday night, we discussed leaving for home Saturday morning. Well,  there was one catch...Julie did not get to visit the vendor she most wanted to see: Windy Valley Muskox.  We don't know why they were the only ones not to show up...but that was the case.  So, we debated back and forth...was it worth going back the next morning or not? Was it also possible we missed seeing something the first time through?   OH....decisions....decisions.


  1. I'm guessing you stayed. The pull of wool is STRONG!

  2. Ooooh, you found some wonderful yarn. I love the turquoise you purchased for the cowl.

  3. Great yarn pick ups! !I LOVE the alpaca and am out to find an alpaca farm somewhere on our summer travels!!! I would have left early too....you had a great haul already. Classess all day are very brain tiring to me, but worth it.

  4. Sounds like you had fun. I like the cowl pattern and the turquoise yarn.
    Rebel Follower

  5. Sounds lie a fun and informative trip.