Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer begins...

Yahoo!  Today is the first day of summer!  Last night the evening the sun didn't dip behind the mountains until nearly nine o'clock, the sky above the setting sun was beautiful...and I was enthralled with the light!!  I love the long evenings of light!  I will try not to notice that the evenings will be getting shorter...until September. 

The prairie flowers on the high plains deserts are still blooming...but are nearly past their glory.  This picture was taken about a week ago and shows off the pretty yellow blooms of our arrow-leaf balsam root.  The wind was blowing, swirling the blooms.

I've got a plump little robin that has been checking for food in the grass...and he's been a very curious fellow.

Knitting....ah knitting....well, I started a pair of socks, just for something portable to take with me for an easy knit.  But I'm STILL working on the Accordion Scarf; I have 21 of 25 repeats finished, so I'm getting closer.  And I'm STILL working on the blue sweater shawl.  That's not coming along so quickly since I can find lots of other things I've been waiting to do...

Ahh...summer...time spent outside...I love it.


  1. Summertime comments DITTO DITTO DITTO
    IM loving the long light and the gorgeous flowers all around us.
    Sometimes i get antsy feeling like I cant do everything I want to do in SUmmer.....

  2. Hasn't the weather been divine? I love the cool nights and warm days.

    Robins are flitting around my yard, too, seeking worms for their noisy babies.