Friday, June 7, 2013

Wild Flowers and Pine

Blue phlox grows wherever it can find a good spot, not necessarily where I planted some years ago.  I'm so thrilled these flowers are growing and blooming and showing off their delicate blooms, I don't care where they decide to show up. I welcome them and enjoy them every morning.

I'm giving some bare root pine trees a start.  I received ten of them, and I haven't planted but three in a permanent spot.  The others are still in pots.  I'm going to plant them (eventually) in various places on the property, in hopes that some of them find enough water and survive.


  1. We have real trouble with pines here. They tend to split in the high winds of our summer storms. We lost three in our backyard during Hurricane Charley. So, no more pines for us.

    Phlox --- phlox we can do. :-) They sure are pretty.

  2. I love the blue phlox. They are so delicate.
    Rebel Follower

  3. Good luck with the pine trees! Love the phlox; they remind me of cornflowers.

  4. Give the pines as much water as you can for about three years. By then, they should be well established.

  5. ABOUT 5 years ago, the neighbor kids gave us their bare root trees . THey picked them up at a street sale and their parents said NO to them . we planted 3. ONE of them has flourished and is about two feed tall now. It will make a lovely winter tree in our yard.