Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wool Market, p. 3

Saturday morning Julie and I still had not made a final decision about whether to go to the Wool Market before heading home or not.  Oh, what the hey!  We're here.  We'd nearly spent our wad.  But we hadn't seen EVERYTHING.  So, we decided we'd go to the Market...but limit ourselves to an hour or so, and then get back on the road home.

We are sooooo glad we did.  The Windy Valley Muskox booth was wonderful.  We both bought some Qiviuk soft.  We got a blend (45% Qiviuk, 45% Extrafine Merino Wool, 10% Mulberry Silk).  I got one ball for a short scarf; Julie got two balls for a long scarf.  It was on sale...and we were pretty thrilled.  (100% Qiviuk runs nearly $90 a skein! A blend, on sale, was much more enticing for the pocketbook!)  I also purchased up a ball of pima cotton.
1 ball of pima cotton on the left, 1 ball of Qiviuk yarn on the right.

While we were walking around, we saw several of our Wyoming friends.  So that was cool.
I also saw a vendor that had an entire wall of tailspun in almost every color, so I had to buy a few yards.

We saw some yarn that was made from a Paco-Vicunas, and we were curious what the animal looked like.  So, on our way out of the Market, we decided to stop in the tent that was showing them.  It turns out they are a rare type of alpaca.  We got to pet them and also heard them hum.. which is the noise they make.  Cute. Not annoying at all. 

They were soooo cute.  Their big brown eyes were adorable.  We got to pet them, and they were quite calm, even with all these people milling around and wanting to touch them.

The day held one more surprise...


  1. The little alpacas are adorable.

    I love the yarns you chose. Such pretty colors.

  2. No one can resist those big brown eyes and long eyelashes.

    More surprises? You are such a tease. . .

  3. I am surprised you two didn't bring home a few of the animals too!

  4. What are you going to make with your lovely purchases?

  5. Quivik sounds amazing. I cannot wait to hear how it feels working in your hands, and see you knit it up. I hope YOU KEEP it for yoU.
    I love those darling long lashed creatures. Thanks for taking us along!